How to Transport a Senior to the Doctor

How to Transport a Senior to the Doctor

Typing in the keywords “handicap medical transportation services near me” on Google when you want to find a way to transport a senior parent to the doctor can lead to an overwhelming list of service providers. Before you do that, why don’t you consider these ideas first?

  • Medical Cars
    If a senior parent has mobility problems, then a medical car is the best option for them in a handicap medical transportation service. This is because the medical car is tailored to meet the needs of seniors who can’t move flexibly. Not only that, but the medical car staff will certainly help you and the senior throughout the entire appointment schedule.
  • Wheelchair Van
    The wheelchair van should be considered for non-emergency medical transportation in Pasadena, Texas for seniors in a wheelchair. This is mainly because this van is big enough to accommodate bulky wheelchairs.
  • Ambulance
    In cases where the senior is bed-ridden or when they have certain medical conditions, then an ambulance is necessary. It may be a bit expensive, but it is the only suitable option if you want a vehicle that has medical equipment to help a senior get through long travels.
  • The County’s Senior Services/Department of Aging
    Check the website of your state’s senior services or Department of Aging. In some states, these departments can actually offer transportation for seniors. It may be free or it may come at a cost.

Ride Guaranteed is the best option for handicap transportation in Texas. So if you need to transport a senior to medical facilities for routine checkups and dialysis, call us. We are happy to serve.

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