Ride Guaranteed started in 2018 as a partnership. We quickly branched off due to differences in values implementation. We wanted to provide non-emergency medical transportation services that focused more on people, safety, integrity, and reliability. We also wanted to do it right the first time and always, by leaving the first good impression and maintaining it. Ride Guaranteed studied all the competition and improved on their best practices while staying true to our core, which is, according dignity to each customer and employee.

Owner Bio

I worked in three major hospitals in the greater Houston area for fifteen years. I took direct care of patients and families. I saw firsthand the struggles of patients who did not have a means of transportation coming to the hospital or going home after discharge. I also saw the delays when hospitals made transportation arrangements and the service was not on time. It saddened me when the patient or family got more anxious and I did not know how to explain the delay for their transportation home. I knew from then that something needed to be done quickly. I started Ride Guaranteed to break the pattern of frustration and pain of those who would depend on the non-emergency ride home or to appointments.

Population Served

Ride Guaranteed provides non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) for people of all ages, especially the elderly and sick whose mobility depends largely on wheelchair van. We also transport the caregivers at the same time. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients never miss their medical appointments and that no one compromises his or her health due to lack of transportation. We also provide our transportation services for personal gatherings and events.

Our Mission

Ride Guaranteed is an integrity company whose mission is to provide high-quality non emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services for the people. We are committed to guaranteeing a safe and comfortable ride for all our customers.